Eldad and Modad (Fragment)

Current State of the OCP Text

The one surviving Greek fragment of Eldad and Modad is a quotation found in Shepherd of Hermas, Visions 2.3.4. The text of the quotation is presented here based on the standard critical editions of Hermas.


Print Editions

Sources for Shepherd of Hermas

In both of the following editions the text of the extract from Eldad and Modad is identical to that published here:

For further bibliography, see DiTommaso, Bibliography, 337-9.

The publication here of this extremely brief extract from Whittaker's text of Shepherd of Hermas is considered by the OCP editors to constitute "fair use" of Whittaker's work. In addition, since the text of this extract is identical to the text printed by Lake (whose work is no longer under copyright), it is now in the public domain. Before using this or any other OCP text for another purpose, please click on the "copyright" link above to read the policy on re-use and re-publication.