Eupolemus (Fragments)

Current State of the OCP Text

The surviving Greek fragments of Eupolemos are presented here as cited in Eusebius (quoting Alexander Polyhistor, On the Jews) and Clement of Alexandria. The text is drawn from the standard critical editions of these two writers (see below). The fragments appear as follows, numbered according to Holladay's modification of Denis' scheme:

Fragment 1a Clement of Alexandria, Stromata
Fragment 1b Eusebius, Praep. Evang. 9.25.4-26.1
Fragment 2a Clement of Alexandria, Stromata
Fragment 2b Eusebius, Praep. Evang. 9.30.1-34.18
Fragment 3 Eusebius, Praep. Evang. 9.34.20
Fragment 4 Eusebius, Praep. Evang. 9.39.1-5
Fragment 5 Clement of Alexandria, Stromata


Print Editions of Eupolemus

For further bibliography see DiTommaso, Bibliography, 1024-29.

Sources for Eusebius

Sources for Clement of Alexandria

These excerpts from Mras' edition of Eusebius, Praep. Evang. and Stählin and Früchtel's edition of Clement of Alexandria, Stromata are published here (based on their reprinting in Holladay, Historians) by permission of the Society of Biblical Literature. While the Clement fragments may be in the public domain (if the text in these sections is identical with that of Stählin's 1st ed.), the text of the Eusebius fragments may be under copyright, since Mras' edition is still within the copyright period. Before using this or any other OCP text for another purpose, please click on the "copyright and permissions" link under the "Help and Information" link above to read the policy on re-use and re-publication.