History of the Rechabites

Current State of the OCP Text

Versions of the History of the Rechabites (also known as The Story of Zosimus) are extant in several languages, including Greek, Syriac, Ethiopic, Slavonic and Arabic. The Greek version is presented here as it appears in J. H. Charlesworth, The History of the Rechabites I: The Greek Recension (TT 17; Chico, Calif.: Scholars Press, 1982). The evidence from other versions remains to be encoded. Final proofreading of the Greek text is complete.


Print Editions

For further bibliography see DiTommaso, Bibliography, 983-5 or click here to search for material on the History of the Rechabites on the BiBIL database.


The following corrections to Charlesworth's text have been made by Jeremy Haasdyk and David M. Miller:

J. H. Charlesworth's text of the History of the Rechabites is re-published here by permission of the Society of Biblical Literature. Before using this or any other OCP text for another purpose, please click on the "copyright and permissions" link in the "Help and Information" menu at top to read the policy on re-use and re-publication.