Portions of Jubilees survive in the Hebrew original as well as in Greek, Syriac, Latin and Ethiopic translations.

The surviving Greek fragments of Jubilees are presented here as they appear in A.-M. Denis, Fragmenta, 70-102.

About one quarter of Jubilees has survived in Latin translation in a 5th-6th century manuscript published by A.M. Ceriani in 1861 (see below). Ceriani’s edition is presented here without critical apparatus as it is reprinted in Denis, Concordance latine, 552-65.

The complete Ethiopic text, along with the fragments in Hebrew and Syriac, still wait to be encoded.

Please note that final proofreading of the Greek text presented here is not yet complete. Use with caution until further notice. The Latin text has been fully proofread.


Print Editions of the Greek Text

Print Editions of the Latin Text

For further bibliography see DiTommaso, Bibliography, 617-620.

Ceriani's edition of the Latin text of Jubilees is in the public domain. With the exception of one unpublished manuscript (Codex Athos Koutl. 178 [= Jub. 15:17; 16:9; 17:15; 18:13; 19:11, 13; 46:3]; cf. Denis, Fragmenta, 57), all of the Greek sources employed in this edition are in the public domain or contain a text identical with that of earlier editions, now in the public domain. In any case, the OCP editors consider the use of short extracts such as these in a specialised collection to constitute "fair use" of the original editors' work. Before using this or any other OCP text for another purpose, please click on the "copyright and permissions" link below to read the policy on re-use and re-publication.